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Secure connections for high-pressure and high vacuum applications.


ODU has the necessary expertise for developing and manufacturing connectors that meet particularly demanding requirements for tightness and ultimate compressive strength. This development of suitable connectors is based on our profound knowledge of materials, application- specific choice of sealing methods, command of different sealing techniques, comprehensive FEM calculations and required experience.

The requirements for the sealing of electrical transmission interfaces are strongly growing. They have increased from general dust and water tightness (IP rating) in industrial applications to high pressure tightness under water to now almost complete – hermetic sealing. Hermetic sealing is required for example when a vacuum needs to be created in an enclosed area. Between different quality levels of hermetic sealing are distinguished: a.o. fine, high and ultra-high vacuums.

Fine vacuum:  1 - 10−3 mbar l/s
High vacuum:   10−3 - 10−7 mbar l/s
Ultra-high vacuum:  10−7 - 10−12 mbar l/s

Ultra-high vacuum – Hermetic sealing refers to a system which is sealed tight for the long term. This means equipment, rooms, production systems etc. are completely protected from the ingress or escape of even the smallest contaminants on a molecular level.
ODU is raising the bar in this field with a new series of receptacles.
Thanks to glass potting technology, the hermetic receptacles not only meet the high demands made of UHV-compatible interfaces, but are also able to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature. These new receptacles meet another key requirement for our customers too, in the form of high-speed data transmission.

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