Surface engineering
Finishing procedures for contacts and systems.
Demandig requirements – outstanding functional surfaces.

Surface engineering from ODU.

Turned and punched contacts obtain their specific electrical and mechanical properties through application-specific surface treatment. Contact resistance, wear resistance and many other properties are achieved by means of a layering system applied to the base body. This of course also applies to metal housings, which often require resistance to environmental influences such as chemicals, seawater or aggressive air pollutants.

ODU is a leading provider of high-quality finishing systems, or “functional surfaces”. Through the integration of surface treatment technology at an early stage of all development and production processes, ODU connectors are guaranteed to have a finishing quality that is precisely tailored to each special requirement.

Would you like to learn more about our surface engineering technology and corrosion protection and know how to reduce the rusting with a proper surface?

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For more detailed information on ODU’s finishing technology, go to our website.

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