The matrix for an optimal EMC solution.
Basic research in the area of electromagnetic compatibility.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is considered a matter of course in many of today’s application areas. In standard solutions it can be achieved in fixed, e.g., bolted, connectors or application areas with a low number of mating cycles. Yet the real challenge is to design an EMC-shielded connector for products with many sophisticated mechanical specifications that also offers a high number of mating cycles.

ODU systematically solves varied challenges such as these – and brings to the task the necessary know-how together with production expertise from one single source. ODU’s fundamental knowledge − developed over the decades and now systemized – has been used to create a database from which our ODU EMC solution matrix has been developed. Our 3D CAD simulations also make use of this substantiated and exact data. EMV-shielded ODU connectors are especially valuable and successful where failure-free electronics are called for, such as in the automotive field, military and security applications, medical diagnostic devices and the entire field of data technology.

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